How can we be more Eco Friendly?

Recently we have we have seen the launch of Sir David Attenborough’s latest documentary, ‘A Life on Our Planet‘ as well as Prince William’sA Planet For us All‘, Zac Efron’sDown to Earth‘ and Ian Somerholder’s ‘Kiss the Ground’. All of these documentaries are showing amazing things that people are doing around the world to help our planet, as well as give us ideas of what we can do to get involved too!

Our Eco Team had been busy planning events for the Summer Term before lockdown, and are now currently unable to work together but that doesn’t mean that as a school and a community we can’t do our best to bring the lessons learnt from these amazing documentaries into our daily lives.

Below are a 4 free Apps that we can all use to help do our little bit for the environment. (When you download #3 I warn you it is addictive)



Sets you Eco goals to help lower your carbon footprint by taking part in small achievable challenges!

Take part in challenges such as, 30 days without using a takeaway coffee cup


Find out what animals, insects, trees and plants are growing in your garden or local parks by scanning them with your phone camera. Take part in natural scavenger hunts and other challenges all based around getting out and about in nature.

What creatures will you discover?


Scan the barcodes on your food and household products to see their carbon footprint. find out if the products you buy have earnt Hero Status by gaining achievements such as ‘Better packaging, Responsibly sources, Plant based or Sustainable palm oil.

After downloading this app you will be routing through your kitchen scanning everything!


Switch up your search engine to Ecosia and turn your searches into trees to be planted around the world.

44 searches = 1 tree planted

We hope you make good use of these apps, let us know if you have found any other App’s that have helped you become more aware of your environment.